Fudokan Trainning Group - Poteet,Tx

Sensei - Samuel J. Sykes, 2nd Degree Black Belt

    Sensei-Samuel J. Sykes heads the Fudokan trainning group in Poteet, TX and was already an Instructor in Tew-Do upon starting his trainning with Sensei-Waight.

Samuel is the Son of System Tew-Do founder, Bartholomew Sykes-7th Degree Black Belt and has also studied 5 animal Kung Fu and Korean Gum-Do. He's currently trainning for his 3rd Dan and teaches his own classes in Fudoshin Ryu Budo Taijutsu under the guidance of Sensei-Waight as well as classes in System Tew-Do under the guidance of his Father.


Sensei - 2nd Dan Black Belt - Fudoshin Ryu Budo Taijutsu

Sensei - 2nd Dan Black Belt - Fudokan Bujutsu

1st Dan Black Belt - System Tew-Do

1st Kyu Masakatsu Ryu Ninjutsu

Shurikenjutsu - Kihon level

Iaido - Kihon level



Class Schedule is:

Monthly Fee's are:

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