Founder: Sensei - Michael D. Waight - Lytle,TX:



     Born in 1976Sensei Waight is the Founder, President and Chief Instructor of The International Fudokan Dojo Association.  As a former member of the Bujinkan, the last true source of authentic Ninjutsu headed by Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi in Japan, Sensei Waight studied under Anshu-Stephen K. Hayes, Shidoshi Vives and Shihan-Richard Van Donk.  As well as being a former Shidoshi-ho, he is also a licensed Ninja Weapons Specialist-Advanced Level/Instructor under Shihan-Van Donk.  After leaving the Bujinkan, he decided to take his classical trainning and modern street self defense, blending it together, thus offering classical Budo/ Ninjutsu with survival tactics such as club, knife and gun defense using simple modern skills that fill the holes in other systems.

    Sensei's martial arts trainning began at age 11 with basic Karate, soon he moved onto Kung Fu, then eventually to Muay Thai.  After some time off, found a flyer in a Ninjutsu book at a local bookstore.. it was for the Bujinkan Dojo of Ninjutsu and Budo-Taijutsu.  He attended his first class at age 22 under Shidoshi Billy Vives, Fullfiling a lifeling dream of studying the authentic Ninja martial arts and would eventurally be led to his later teachers of  Ninjutsu.  He Eventually became a 4th Dan Shidoshi, as well as studying privately under American Ninjutsu Legend, (the founding Fathers of American Ninjutsu), Grandmaster-Anshu Stephen K. Hayes and Shihan Richard Van Donk.  Eventually forming the Inernational Fudokan Dojo, teaching his own private Ryu of  Fudokan Budo-Taijutsu, Ten Chi Jin Ryu Iaido, Doko Ryu Kosshijutsu and Shigoku Ryu Koppojutsu.  

    Although he will always respect the teaching of the Bujinkan and his teachers, Sensei Waight preffers to travel his own path nowadays and has students ages 12-70.  Sensei has also trained Law Enforcement and Military Personnel.  His main goal is to spread the true arts of Budo while also teaching real Street Survival Concepts.  

Sensei met his Wife Carolyn in 1999.  They have been married since March of 2002.  

Together they have a beautiful Daughter.

Sensei Waight Currently works in Education as a Special Ed.Teacher's Aide.  He is also an accomplished Fiction writer and has worked in Security Management and investigations.

Sensei currently teaches in Lytle,Tx where he and his family reside.





Sandan (3rd Degree Black Belt) Sensei - John Olhausem - Devine, TX:

  At 24, John Ohlhausem is an Assistant Instructor at the Hombu dojo assisting Sensei Waight and Sensei Robert Riojas.  He holds a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Fudokan Budo-Taijutsu,  is Level -1 Certified is the S.S.C. program (Street Survival Concepts), Kihon (black belt) certification in Tora Ryu Bujutsu and a level 3 green belt in System Tew-Do under Bartholomew and Samuel Sykes.  John is currently training hard for his Yohndan (4th Degree Black Belt) in Fudokan Budo-Taijutsu.

 Sandan (3rd Degree Black Belt) - Erik Hoofard - Nacogdoches,TX:

    Sensei-Erik Hoofard is certified at Sandan level in Fudokan Budo-Taijutsu under Sensei Michael Waight.  He is Sensei Waight's uke during demonstrations and teaching of new techniques (taking the place of Robert Riojas as official Uke).  Erik has experience training other students.  He is currently training for his 4th Dan and has transferred to Stephen F. Austin State University to finish his Bachelors Degree.  He is hoping to pursue a career as a Park Ranger.  Look for classes taught by Sensei Hoofard in Nacogdoches, TX.

Shodan - (1st Degree Black Belt) - Louie Martinez - Pearsall / Lytle:


     Louie Martinez is Certified at Shodan Level (1st Degree Black Belt) in Fudokan Budo-Taijutsu under Sensei Michael Waight.  He is also a Brown Belt in Tew-Do under Bartholomew Sykes and Samuel Sykes.  He has also studied American Kenpo karate and was a golden gloves boxer.  Near 60, Louie is proof that "Age is just a number" as he would say... you can do anything you set your mind to do.  He is currently training for his 2nd Dan Black Belt in Budo-Taijutsu and works in Law Enforcement.  Look for classes taught by Mr. Martinez coming soon!

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