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Welcome to the Fudokan Dojo Association! We are a coalition of Fudokan Martial arts dojo's and training groups in Texas formed by Sensei Michael Waight. Here you can learn all there is to get you started training in one of the last, remaining true martial arts.   Fudokan Budo Taijutsu is the original mixed martial art, incorporating strikes, grappling and weapons to form a complete package.


We teach the arts of Fudokan Budo Taijutsu, Tora Ryu Bujutsu and S.S.C. (Street Survival Concepts).

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The International Fudokan Dojo Association was created to share the authentic Budo arts to the world.

In our classes, you'll learn many Ninja and Samurai arts:


Kosshijutsu (Muscle & Nerve attacks)

Koppojutsu (Bone breaking Methods)

Shuriken (throwing blades)

Hanbo (short staff)

Rokushakubo (Long staff)

Kenjutsu (Battlefield sword method)

Shinobi Gatana (Ninja sword method)

Kusari Fundo (short weighted chain)

Iaido (samurai sword forms) and much, much more.

Phone: 210-409-4523

Email:  Fudokandojo@aol.com


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