Street Survial Concepts:

    Founded by Michael D. Waight.  S.S.C. is a system that fills in the gaps in martial arts trainning, S.S.C. was designed to learn fast, easy, efficiently.  Anyone can learn at any age.  Techniques are not complicated as one can effectively use the basic techniques in level 1 after the initial 2 hour class. 



Your Instructors:

Michael D. Waight





S.S.C. (Street Survival Concepts) Level - 1 Certified: 


1. Brandon Garcia

2. Robert Riojas

3. John Ohlhausen

4. Luis Martinez

5. Robert Blackburn

6. Irma Jean Avitua

7. Barbara Waight

8. Erik Hoofard

9. Joe Bailey

10. Boone Bailey

11. Jacob Bailey

12. Emily Ramos

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