We are very excited that Fudokan Martial Arts will open a new location in Lytle. Sharing a building with Cruz Contracting.
We are located at 15155 Main Street Lytle,TX 78052.  Look for the sign."Fudokan Martial Arts"!  In a month or so, we will be adding our exclusive Street Survival Concepts course (S.S.C.).

Regular hours for Fudoshin Budo Taijutsu Classes are

Tuesday & Thurdays: 6-7pm for Kids classes, 7-8pm for Teens & Adults.
Monthly Fee is $40.

S.S.C. course will be a weekend course.  This course will be held on a Saturday and Sunday, 5 hours each day.  Certification of completion will be issued upon completion of course.  Those who wish to learn real street self-defense and people interested in Law Enforcement and Personal Protection (Body Guard) will be interested in this course.  The cost of this course will be $160. It will include unarmed vs unarmed, multiple attackers, club, knife and firearms.