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4-17-12 Class

Posted by Michael D. Waight on Wednesday, April 11, 2012,
Class will be held in the same spot at the park every week (near the basketball court).  We are highly visible and seemed to strike some interest last class.  Soon, we will be handing out guest passes to everyone.  Good for 1 free lesson.  Next class, advanced students will work on Hon Gyaku Jime, a variation of Ura Gyaku and new students will work on several variations of Ura Gyaku.  Hope to see everyone then!
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Tuesday 4-10-12 Class,

Posted by Michael D. Waight on Thursday, April 5, 2012,
Class on Tuesday 4.10.12 will be held near the Basketball court instead of the Pavillion.  There are alot of basebal/softball games and practices there and we will be more visable than in the pavillion area.  I'm hoping to strike some interest in parents and kids/teens.  See you there.
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